Rolling the Dice on Eddy Curry

10473_featureWith ever petite or major trade the Knicks have made during the past 10 years of an historic downfall, very few, or better yet, none have actually stuck and made an impact on the cornerstone franchise. Fans begged for results, pleaded for trades that would suit effective and demanded a top-of-line coaching staff to piece all-of-this together.

Well, some years had to pass for only a certain amount of that to happen.

The Knicks landed D’Antoni. Rookie and sophomore players have stepped-up and a 2009 draft pick in Curry or even Evans is certain to fix their back-court troubles—making the upcoming season one to look forward too.

Now, starving-for-some-excitement Knick fans, the focus should immediately fall on their problems in the paint. The issue stands in that they have no center that can shot block, run-the-court, defend and even score.

Sene? Sims? Wilcox? No!

What players could the Knicks acquire? My first option would be Tyson Chandler or someone like Joel Przybilla.

That is very improbable, at least for the upcoming season.

Ladies and Gents, the only Knick front-court fix is, yes, Eddie Curry.

He’s a 300 plus pounds, 6-foot-11, monster-of-a center that could of pissed the devil off himself for I have never seen or heard bad luck like Eddie Curry has gone through.

He’s had injuries, lawsuits, weight issues, murder cases and burglary issues, among other things.

What does this all add up to? It adds up to depleted confidence and a down-right horrendous basketball player. Not to mention the pairing with Randolph. Nothing went right for Curry these past two seasons.

Past is past however, and Curry finds himself training rigorously. Priority No. 1 is to reinforce the knee and drop 30 pounds. And according to sources, Walsh walked away impressed after witnessing the center’s recent workouts. Maybe it’s just Walsh’s way of campaigning Curry or maybe he’s actually looking that good.

Is a Curry comeback out of this world?

He might just surprise the basketball world, including Knick’s fans.


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