Would a LeBron James Vs Carmelo Anthony Final Be More Intriguing?

10473_featureUltimately, we all know the Los Angeles Lakers will pull out of this semi-slump they’re facing against a depleted Houston Rocket squad and meet LeBron James’ perfect Cleveland club in this year’s NBA finals.

For any basketball fan, it’s a dream to watch seven games (what it will come down to) of LeBron and Kobe, best basketball players on the planet, edging it out for the coveted ring. One player has to prove he can win a championship by himself (No Shaq), and the other needs one to start his process in becoming the greatest basketball player that ever lived.

However, what doesn’t seem crazy is the Lakers continuing to struggle all the way into their matchup with the emerging, dangerous, chemistry-driven Nuggets.

Let’s think about it for a sec.

Yes, the Lakers despite being in this slump are the most talented team in the NBA with, arguably, the best player in Kobe. But, Denver falls awfully close, if not slightly above in some positions.

Not to mention, the Melo factor. His sudden resurgence since vowing he would change his mindset from the Olympics and start to focus more on helping his team on both sides of the court while being a leader in the locker room is showing, and big time.

Which is why it’s not crazy in seeing the Denver Nuggets actually beating the Lakers and meeting LeBron and the Cavaliers in the finals.

So, my question is, which would you rather see: A LeBron-Kobe final or Melo-LeBron final?

Both sound intriguing, both would most definitely excite, but what’s your opinion?


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