Should the Knicks Throw Some Cash at Sam-I-Am?

If the Knicks offered Sam Cassell the league minimum, would he consider playing under the bright lights of MSG?

Have the Knicks even thought of the possibility?

Well, after publicly looking to sign a backup point to help Chris Duhon without hurting their possibilities of acquiring LBJ or Wade in 2010, Sam Cassell could be that guy that finally makes the Knicks a play-off team.

The Celtics looking to  add either Stephon Marbury or, quite possibly Joe Smith sent the NBA veteran to the Sacramento Kings—he was released later that day and can now sign with the highest or most attractive bidder.

Possible teams said to be interested in signing Sam-I-Am are the the New Orleans Hornets. They’ve expressed their need for a veteran point guard to help CP3.

However, the Knicks could have some extra cash to throw at the NBA vet after cutting back with the trades effectuated yesterday.

Chris Duhon is finally starting to feel the wear-and-tear of playing major minutes and Sam Cassell could undoubtedly come in and play a huge role in getting the Knicks to the playoffs while being a mentor and role model for the young players on the Knicks roster.

The three time NBA champs basketball IQ, personality and pairing  with Spike Lee is a perfect fit for a Garden  finally starting to come alive and, more importantly, could win some ball games in the process.

Let me know what ya think…


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