Rajon Rondo: The Knick Fix?

10473_featureTomorrow night, the New York Knicks go into the draft with the No. 8 pick. Their intentions: well, a solid PG.

The draftees hoping to play for the Knicks and, coincidentally, hold the cornerstone franchise as one of their top teams are Rubio, Curry, and Evans— the Knicks are probably looking to draft in this order.

However, just like every player in this draft besides Blake Griffin (predicted to be a more athletic Tim Duncan), you don’t know what your getting ; it’s considered to be one of the weakest drafts ever.

So, why not give up your slot and go after a proven, seasoned NBA point guard. I mean, wouldn’t that be the smart move? Why waste brain cells on players considered “average” and rookies, at that.

Read this, take your time, and imagine for a second.

Rajon Rondo: A Knick

A triple-threat in the playoffs and almost more spunk the Oakley himself in one of the biggest basketball scenes—I smell success!

However, the other question we should ask ourselves is: Why are the Celtics shopping Rondo? A star in the regular season and a superstar in the playoffs, Rondo almost single-handily carried the Celtics to a championship run.

So, why trade an integral part of your team?

Well, it’s reported his ego is bigger than Cristiano Ronaldo’s. His swagger and “I’m better than you” scorn doesn’t only appear on the basketball court, but the locker room and directly in Doc Rivers face.

Solutions? Maybe he needs a down-to-earth coach like Mike D’Antoni.

Oh, on that note, Doc Rivers isn’t the most accessible coach in the NBA.

On the upside, he’s still young and needs direction.

So, Knick community, what ya think?


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