Stephon Marbury to be Waived by the end of the Week

14marbury1600According to Newsday the New York Knicks will waive Stephon Marbury by the end of the week. New York Knick owner James Dolan must approve of Donnie’s decision before finalizing the transaction. Continue reading


Scouting Report Anticipates Another Losing Season for Knicks

2004089623As we all know the New York Knicks have acquired several players to their roster in Gallinari, Duhon, Roberson and Ewing. Their expected to trade Zach Randolph, waive Stephon Marbury and try and get Jerome James to retire. Not to mention the installment of basketball guru Donnie Walsh and shoot first head coach, Mike D’Antoni to the ball club. Continue reading

The Return of Allan Houston

79t05k612So far the New York Knicks off-season has been a loud one.

They hired a high tempo, European style coach for arguably the slowest team in the NBA… Continue reading

Donnie Backing Off Trade?

Nuggets Knicks BasketballAccording to close sources the trade involving New York Knick Zach Randolph for Serbians Marko Jaric and Darko Milicic are intensifying and expected to finalize after this Monday. Walsh has confirmed organizations have been conversing but denies a done deal.

Z-Bo to Memphis would be beneficial for the New York squad due to his inefficiency to play in a D’Antoni system. Also, Continue reading

Patrick Ewing Jr’s Basketball Skills May not be Tested But his Penmanship Will

captcpsnlb97300808003429photo00photodefault-512x341The trades the New York Knicks effectuated during the off season have been somewhat assertive. Their need to go after players that seem to be “right” for the job or that show promise (Chris Duhon and Gallinari) in a two-year future in my opinion, is the right thing to do. Continue reading