New York Knicks: Could Be a Solid Team

10473_featureBefore I start I would like to say something to all Knick fans:

Stop being emotional. Objectivity is key in building a winning franchise!

So, without further ado: TRADE DAVID LEE

Send Lee to the Blazers for Joel Przybilla, and try and grab Travis Outlaw while your at it.

The Blazers have always been keen on Lee. This trade needs to happen. Yes, the guy hustles his ass off and is the current double-double king of the NBA but Joel Przybilla, arguably the most underrated center in the NBA would be a great addition to the Knicks back-court.

Fact is, the guy can flat out hold his own on the basketball court. He’s exactly what the Knicks need with Hill; both are big, can run the floor and know how to defend. In D’Antoni’s offensive game we need players that naturally play defense.

Just in case, we should look out for Rubio despite what the general manager had to say. Fact is, Flynn and Rubio can’t play together. In my opinion, it’s Rubio getting the boot. Donnie and Mike obviously adore the You Tube phenom, watch out for something there.

Okay, the Darko trade. Well, it was a good pickup for the Knicks, getting rid of Richardson was better. Mike believes he can get something out of the bust in his high pace system. He’ll bring size and length in a team lacking just that.

Now, with the No. 8 pick of the 2009 NBA draft… the New York Knicks select:

Jordan Hill

Even though we lack a player at the point position, I like this pick. He brings size, presence and can shoot the rock. Yes, Duhon broke down, so, why didn’t Donnie go for a point in the draft. Well, fact is, Duhon isn’t a bad option at starting point. He broke down cause he wasn’t ready for the demolishing minutes he’d receive in Mike’s game.

Now, with a whole summer ahead of him he knows what needs to be done to withstand such a demanding system. Expect big things from Duhon and Hill—if not, at least we can say a Jordan played for the Knicks.

With the 29th pick the Lakers selected Toney Douglas, trade then sent to the Knicks for three million and a future second round draft pick.

So late in the draft the Knicks picked up a defensive, consistent scoring point to back up Duhon or quite possibly replace him—I happen to like the pick-up. However, I wouldn’t get too comfortable with the point; he could get packaged in a deal.

With all that said I would like to show you, Knickerbockers, what I want the Knicks to look like in the 2009/2010 season:

Joel Przybilla

Backup: Darko Milicic—Eddy Curry, needs to make appearances to get his trade level up.

Jordan Hill

Backup: Chris Wilcox, could very well play the forward position

Wilson Chandler

Backup: Danilo Gallinari

Travis Outlaw (would like to try him out in this position)

Backup:  Al Harrington—Nate Robinson—Larry Hughes, to hopefully be traded very soon

Chris Duhon

Backup: Toney Douglas

I know this starting lineup may not be to your liken but remember, the Knicks were just a few defensive stops and hangs from-the-rim at making it to the playoffs.  With this strong defensive back-court and the trigger-happy shooting front-court, the Knicks will sure improve.

Also, please remember, last year and the upcoming year were/are experiments. Who fits and who needs to get the boot.

So, let’s not get mad when the Knicks don’t make it to the playoffs this year.


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