The Return of Allan Houston

79t05k612So far the New York Knicks off-season has been a loud one.

They hired a high tempo, European style coach for arguably the slowest team in the NBA…

A point guard more known for his night life than his on court play, an Italian stallion picked sixth in the draft (but seemingly too weak for the NBA game), they acquired Pat…rick Ew…ing Jr for an already packed forward position, and trade rumors insist Zach Randolph and his horse play will be moving to Memphis. Not to mention Starbury and his status in the ball club.

And now the possible comeback of New York Knick Allan Houston?

According to multiple sources, Houston has been practicing and lifting weights all winter long to see if he can get an invite from Walsh for training camp later this month in Saratoga Springs.

Houston attempted a come back last year, but only played in one preseason game when he realized he wasn’t able to keep up at an NBA level.

It seems the Knicks are set in the shooting guard position with players like Crawford and Richardson. Many expect Jamal Crawford, who was the Knicks’ leading scorer last season, to flourish under D’Antoni’s system due to his playground-like play, and Richardson had his best season playing with The Italian league MVP in Phoenix.

However, if Houston shows he can still shoot the ball they Knicks might consider acquiring the once NBA All Star.

The Knicks are supposedly ready to offer Houston a business position inside the organization if he fails to impress.


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