The 2010 NYK Starting Line-Up

alg_spikeThe only Knick right now with a smile on his face is Stephon (left) who is making $21 million riding the bench, and the only Knick fan at this moment content with the team’s progress is Spike Lee (right). Why? Well, cause he’s Spike Lee!

In a sudden twist, the New York Knick season is quickly resembling the harsh, downpour of snow that unexpectedly hit the streets of New York with a loss to the history chasing Boston Celtics (26-2). The Knicks fell to 11-16 and have lost four straight.

Just some weeks ago, objective, future planning Knickerbocker fans were giddy with the trades of Zach Randolph and Jamaal Crawford. Some even considered it to be the biggest day since they drafted Patrick Ewing in the 1985 NBA draft because of the chances it could bring in the 2010 off season. Others refer to it as just a busy-day-in-the-office.

The trade, as you all know, cleared up a great amount of cap space to potentially sign two superstar players.

Possible free agents in 2010:

* Lebron James

* Amare Stoudemire

* Chris Bosh

* Dwayne Wade

* Joe Johnson

* Dirk Nowitzki

* Carlos Boozer

* Emmanuel Ginobili

* Steve Nash

Bringing one of these players (Lebron James) in can instantly turn a mediocre team into a fairly decent one. Acquiring two (Amare and Johnson) could make you a playoff team. And snatching two with just the right (Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh) chemistry could quite possibly bring you an NBA title.

The Knick organization, just like all their fans, know these players can sign contract extensions before 2010 and stop the giddiness awaiting that offseason.

However, my question is, what will the New York Knicks 2010 starting lineup look like in a trading class of this nature?

I’m thinking this:

Chris Duhon: Exceeding every single expectation when picked up during the summer, the now indisputable Knick point blows out of the water every potential signing guard in the 2010 off season—yes, including Steve Nash! Defense, pass first guard, and quietly becoming a scorer, Duhon is my top candidate to start for the Knicks.

Wilson Chandler: Even though Wilson is slowly proving he can become an all star caliber player, I still have my doubts with him. Regardless, I believe he’ll be with the Knicks and starting.

Al Harrington: His dream as a kid was to play for the Knicks. Now that he has the chance, he’s taking full advantage. The New Jersey native is averaging great numbers in the orange, white, and blue. Trading Al by then is a huge possibility, but in the end, I believe Walsh’s boy is a proper fit for the Knicks and will start opening night, 2010.

Amare Stoudemire: Unhappy with his role in Phoenix, Amare will be the first pick up the Knicks make. In my opinion, when enthused, Stoudemire is the best forward in the league and in the top five (overall). Don’t be surprised to see Amare on a daily basis display one of his thunderous dunks in MSG.

Chris Bosh: Since Patrick Ewing, the Knicks have been desperately looking for a center. Curry one time gave off that impression, however, failed tremendously last and this year. On the other hand, Chris Bosh may be that person.

With all the names in the 2010 trading class, Bosh is the most likely person to leave his team for a more competitive club. Toronto is arguably the worst team in the league for a superstar to play in, and with its current situation (10-17), look to see Bosh as a Knick.

Bench: If the Knicks are smart, Lee and Robinson are the only players that should stick around. It’ll be hard! Both players could be packaged in a deal before 2010.


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