Scouting Report Anticipates Another Losing Season for Knicks

2004089623As we all know the New York Knicks have acquired several players to their roster in Gallinari, Duhon, Roberson and Ewing. Their expected to trade Zach Randolph, waive Stephon Marbury and try and get Jerome James to retire. Not to mention the installment of basketball guru Donnie Walsh and shoot first head coach, Mike D’Antoni to the ball club.

With all these acquisitions it’s almost impossible not to ponder over how the Knicks will do in this year’s upcoming season.

Can Mike D’Antoni finally get these players to gel?

Will this be the breakout year of Chandler, Crawford and Gallinari?

Questions taken under thorough consideration from the STN scouting report which predicted the Knicks under Mike D’Antoni will only win 28 games, 6 more if Walsh decides to part ways with Zach Randolph.

Last year’s STN evaluation of the Knicks under Isiah Thomas predicted a 26 game win season, surprisingly close to their devastating 23 win season – equaling their franchise low 23 under Larry Brown.

The predicted 28 win season seems about right, not so sure about the 6 more wins with Randolph leaving the ball club.

The NBA’s roller coaster team will first have to dissect Mike D’Antoni’s basketball scheme and then consolidate it on the court – one season looks rather hard for a group of players supposedly not Antoniesk

Fortunately, time is not of the essence for the Knicks. The expect to insert themselves back into the league as championship contenders in the 2010 season or more known as “The year of Lebron”.

Meanwhile, everything else, should only be considered as a science experiment.


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